Engineering and construction (E&C) is a $10 Trillion industry that is vital to the world’s economy. But despite the huge improvements in technology in recent years the way that projects are delivered has not changed in 50 years.

Whilst other industries have seen massive waves of transformation, reducing waste, improving productivity and delivering higher value to their customers, E&C has failed to modernise. The industry has stagnated with productivity not having increased for over 30 years and it frequently fails to deliver projects on time or on budget.

There has been countless initiatives in the industry to increase performance but there has been sustained improvement.

It is time for change. If the current process don’t work, maybe it’s time for a new process.

Epiq has been founded to radically transform the way we deliver engineering and construction projects. Informed by the latest management thinking and powered by advanced digital technologies we are delivering meaningful change.

That does not mean we have all the answers. This is a complex problem that requires a diverse range of experience and expertise to solve. Your input and support on this journey will be vital. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how to transform the productivity and outcomes of E&C projects.

Join us, and help build the world, better.